Thoughts and Suggestions

The points below are based on thinking around user experience (UX) and UI functionality in relation to search products and the existing Vast site. This is not a comprehensive analysis, study or proposed course of action but rather some discussion topics that may or may not relate to Vast's ultimate strategic objectives:

User research and analysis for each domain (category), needs, goals, etc.; consider interaction design based on behaviour and end user feedback.

Add persistent global navigation that allows for orientation throughout the site and supports the idea of multiple domain access/expertise.

Intelligence around search criteria/choices, show users what they have looked at before; alert them to what has changed/updated around since their last search.

Look at integrating community features to elicit feedback and help users make better selections/decisions.

Create a more personalized experience; direct connection to brokers, dealerships, other purchasers on the site.

Make domain search experiences distinct within the site; different goals, information, emotions, etc. are in play when searching for cars, real estate, rentals.

Documentation / Resources :

Mental Models for Search
Designing for Search

Redesign Treatment : Search Listings / Global Navigation / Search Behavior
Supporting Work : Mesmo TV / GM Bereavement Network / Other Related Projects
Pricing Matrix : Daily / Weekly / Monthly Rates
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